Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

Animal Crossing- New Horizons - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

  • You can pick flowers without depleting them (pull the flowers off to plant more or cross pollinate ala Pocket Camp?)
  • You can pick up full size trees
  • You arrive to the town on a charter flight
  • the sheep is wearing a shirt. In ACNL, sheep only wear scarves
  • mushrooms are still available around fall    
  • character has a phone (apps shown in Treehouse; same model as pocket camp’s phone)
  • A character is wearing a backpack, and it is identical to one from Pocket Camp. The focused player has a purse over her shoulder as well.
  • skin color options - Later confirmed that you can choose how your character looks at the start of the game. Everything is not gender locked, so you can pick any hair or face. You can also change them later at any point.
  • Villagers can sit on the ground (one is shown sitting by the river)
  • There are workbenches shown in various places (the villager’s front yard, Fuschia’s house, etc)
  • The fence in front of one of the player’s houses perfectly meets up in the corner (in pocket camp, there are annoying gaps between the fences and walls at corners, this issue appears to no longer exist)
  • There’s a tulip wreath on the front door of the player’s house, and a christmas ornament wreath on an animal’s house
  • There are various new outfits
  • The dirt paths the player makes are made with a new tool. In one hand is a scraping tool, and in the other hand, she is holding a pallet looking tool which she takes from then smears on the ground. This could be compatible with various colors, designs, or paths you can purchase, and not just be solid dirt color as the only option.
  • There’s a double braid hairstyle
  • You can see other islands in the distance
  • The player catches a fish, but it clearly skips the part where the fish bites. This (combined with the fact that they mentioned they didn’t want to show fishing yet in the treehouse) heavily implies the mechanics surrounding catching fish in this game are significantly different.
  • A rock is shown in one spot, then is later missing from the same spot. Presumably it was picked up or destroyed
  • Can place items anywhere, aka no need for front lawns. Also means stuff that used to be PWP are presumably just placeable items that can go anywhere with no restrictions
  • Crafting and gathering materials is a new mechanic
  • Can pole vault over rivers (you start with no bridges presumably, and build them later).
  • 8 player multiplayer (revealed in treehouse that online is up to 8p)