Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

Interview 1:

  • After certain upgrades are made to your home, Nook will offer to construct additional facilities for resident support, prompting Isabelle to come to your town (instead of your secretary, she will most likely be running things like event organizing, Ordinances, and other “City Council”-like duties)

  • Living in a Mountain Shack is mentioned as one of the barebones starting options. This heavily implies that there will be other starting packages besides “Deserted Island Getaway”. It also means, instead of always starting in a tent, we may start with a different shabby looking structure in each area to better fit the theme of wherever you end up.

  • Building a Convenience Store is also mentioned in the interview, specifically building one right next to your house, indicating that the stores will not be an upgrade of the Tent Nook is in at the beginning, but a separate placeable structure.


Interview 2:

  • When you first “arrive on the island through Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package” (possibly implicating again that the Island via the getaway package is one of many options), 2 villagers will also move to the Island with you.

  • They have as much right to the island as you do, so you can’t directly ask them to leave (implicating other villagers you can ask to leave). However they can move away if they wish to.

  • Before they choose where to move, they’ll check with you to ask if the spot is OK (you can pick where villagers move confirmed). You can also move their houses later on.

  • Developing the island will be something “familiar to fans” (implicating similar methods of having new buildings appear and get upgraded to previous titles)

  • Elements and buildings won’t unlock in the same order as New Leaf (buildings officially confirmed)

  • System in place to invite animals, but not necessary specific ones (no amiibo card compatibility? or maybe you just can’t invite specific ones without amiibo cards?)

  • No interest on loans (obviously; but confirmed now)

  • Animals who “join you on your adventure” (not clear if all animals or just the initial 2) are also in debt to Nook

  • Nook is reinvesting back into the community with Resident Services (free services he offers to residents?)

  • Nook tirelessly works 24 hours (open around the clock?)

  • Islanders pay off Nook at their own pace. How fast you pay off your loans do not affect this

  • Nook Miles can be spent on Nook Inc Uniform, DIY Recipes, and other services

  • No direct pocket camp integration, but collab items being planned

  • Faces and hairstyles are not locked to male or female, anyone can select any of them

  • There are new hair and face styles

  • No new personality types (for villagers)

  • The Nook Phone will get new apps, like the design feature from new leaf (custom patterns I assume)

  • You can’t move to a friend’s island

  • You can gift items to villagers to increase friendship

  • Villagers can give you DIY Recipes

  • No Multiple Islands on one switch system (have to buy a whole new switch to make a 2nd town??? Hopefully this just means 1 island and there are other biomes you can also get so there’s less desire to make different save files)