Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki
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Animal Crossing New Horizons mutliplayer experience differs in a number of ways from previous titles. 

Online Multiplayer:

  • Up to 8 players connect to the same town online
  • As the game auto-saves, there will be no need for all players to stop and save when a player wants to join or leave
  • While many speculated you may be able to have a town with friends online, this is confirmed to not be possible

Local Multiplayer:

  • Through the Call Islander app on the Nook Phone, it is possible to invite other characters that have already have a home for themselves in the town.
  • Up to 3 players can be invited this way for a maximum of 4p local coop on the same system
  • One character is set as the main player, indicated by the flag over their head. Initially it is the player who used to app to invite someone, but can be switched at any time (easy switching between characters)
  • All characters in local coop must stay within the same field of view. If the main player moves such that another player is moved off screen, that player will *poof* back next to the main player.

Island Multiplayer:

  • Up to 8 players can live on the same island
  • Villagers will move into your island as time moves on. 2 animal villagers will move in with you at the same time. Villagers also need to pay their mortgage to Tom Nook, and can be seen collecting crafting materials around the island.