Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

Animal Crossing- New Horizons - Overview Trailer (Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019)


  • The airport has been fully shown, sporting a dock and a small sea plane next to it
  • The word "Dodo" is displayed on the building, and there is an icon of a Dodo on the building and plane (perhaps indicating there will be a new Dodo Special Character to pilot it)
  • There is a flag on the airport dock, which presumably you will be able to put custom designs on


  • Pine Trees were shown. They're significantly taller than previous games
  • The Pine Trees were shown with another level to the town in the background, either indicating the town in this trailer was a 3 tier town (Pine Trees on tier 2 with tier 3 in the background) or Pine Trees can now grow on tier 1 of the town.
  • A new species of flower has been shown
  • A large mushroom was shown in fall
  • Flower are still in bloom in winter

Town Appearance/Layout:

  • There is an opening in the cliff (0:34), indicating more unique tiles for your town (valley?)
  • A new Stormy weather is shown, with cloudy skies and lots of wind, but no rain.


  • The ground at one point has a swampy greenish color, indicating more color variation for it throughout different seasons and weather than the standard 4 (2:53)
  • Pine trees are shown to have no lights at one point in the winter, and with lights at another point.


  • A snowflake(4:51) and ammonite(4:29) door decoration are shown


  • 8 Player Coop can be done local (with multiple Switch Systems) or online
  • Multiple Tents are shown, indicating multiple players living in the same town will NOT share a house like in Wild World

Hunger/Stamina Mechanic:

  • A fullness meter is shown with an Apple icon next to it
  • Stamina is consumed by doing strenuous tasks like picking up a tree with the shovel
  • A demonstration for how stamina is consumed is shown: Fullness is shown at 6, the player eats an apple bringing it to 7, then they dig up a tree which drops it back down to 6. The narrator mentions "eat a nutritious snack to help you" indicating this is indeed what is going on.


  • A cooking pot is shown as one of the only things Nook starts out selling, alongside other tools and very basic necessities, indicating it may be tied to a new cooking mechanic (which would go well with the hunger/stamina mechanic) 


  • A player throws bait in the water
  • A fish is shown tapping the bobber in the water for the first time (previous shots just showed them moving towards it or being reeling in) indicating catching fish either functions the same as previous games (aside from the bait mechanic) or perhaps brings up a new window when the fish bites down

Updated Visuals:

  • A variety of old bugs and fish are shown with updated looks and animations
  • More wallpapers and floorings are shown with improved textures and normal mapping
  • Tree leaves, especially palm trees, are shown to have a slick wet look in the rain
  • A player has a different running animation when running on the beach (4:41)

Old Returning mechanics:

  • A player catches a snowflake, indicating the minigame with catching snowflakes for the Snowmen from the previous games is back
  • A player is shown hitting a rock to get bells
  • Buried fossils were shown 


  • Dresses that go down to the ankles are shown
  • A new backpack is shown (4:53)