Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse- Live - E3 2019

Nook Miles:

  • Achievements: give mileage for completing
  • Miles can be spent on: original items, various services


  • zoom
  • filters
  • select emote (7 slots?)

Call Islander:

  • Local Coop
  • Must stay on the same field of view
  • Can switch between who's main character
  • up to 4p local multiplayer

DIY Crafting App:

  • Tools
  • Campfires, log bench, bathing clothing line, wash bin, and bath barrel, signs
  • Cooking related items: coconut juice, frying pan, classic jug
  • Some items require other crafted items to maker (crafting hierarchy)

Town Appearance:

  • Bulletin Board, Announcement Speaker Pole, and Nook Inc Tent in Town Square
  • Nook Inc Tent:
    • ATM
    • Crafting table
    • Large Bin?: Apple, Umbrella, etc on it
    • Timmy can buy items from you
    • Timmy sells items of different categories. Tools, nets, flowers, and 2 furniture
  •  There’s a dock leading with a building attached next to what is presumably a sea plane


  • Fishing bait made from clams you can dig up
  • Manila Clam: can make some amazing chowder! (or fishing bait)
  • Fish appear as shadows in the water as normal

Bug Catching:

  • Seems unchanged so far

Graphical improvements:

  • Fish look MUCH MUCH better when held in hand (or at least the one squid and bass from the initial trailer we saw did)
  • Trees sway in the wind
  • Has actual Lighting
  • Clouds have shadows


  • The island was 6x6 acres, the largest “town” of any so far. Although the outer perimeter is partially taken up by water, so more like 16 + 20 half acres of workable space
  • Picking up items is much faster, so is switching tools
  • Tommy is walking around the island
  • North and South Hemisphere options for seasons
  • Can cut trees with axe without cutting them down entirely or making them obviously cut?
  • Can drop as leaf or item
  • The achievement mentions “if your tools break, just make more” indicating tools have durability.
  • 8 Player can live in one town
  • Crafted materials stack in inventory (can’t tell if items like fruit do yet, they didn’t pick any up)
  • Can sell weeds
  • Mailboxes (mail and presumably Pete, Pelly, Phyllis, and the post office are still in the game)
  • Animal villager was holding a stick
  • Pole Vaulting required “Vaulting Pole” tool
  • Player’s House can go anywhere, including the beach
  • You can move things in half units