Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

The Nook Phone is an item given to the player at the start of the game, and has a variety of apps that allow the player to access many of the game's new mechanics. These apps are as follows:


  • Zoom in and out
  • Has various Filters
  • Allows the player to select an emote from their wheel
  • Unclear whether the character can pan back and forth, but appears as though it is possible

Nook Miles:

  • An achievement system where the player can do various challenges to earn Nook Miles
  • Miles can be spent on various things, such as DIY Recipes, original items such as the Nook Inc Uniform, and "various services"
  • Additional info: It was states that these achievements were added to encourage players to catch more cheap and common creatures so expensive fish and bugs are not the only things worth catching. Presumably this means certain achievements will be repeatable.

DIY Crafting:

  • Allows the player to view and favorite crafting recipes
  • Starting recipes include:
    • Tools: Vaulting Pole, Flimsy axe, shovel, net, fishing rod, and watering can
    • Items: Campfire, Bonfire, Log Stool, Log Bench, wooden washtub, Clothing Line, Signpost, Tiny Library, Classic Pitcher, Stone stool, Birdbath, Oil-barrel Bathtub, frying pan, coconut juice, leaf, tulip crown
    • Some items require other crafted items to make such as the Bonfire requiring the campfire (More advanced crafting hierarchies will most likely exist for later items)
    • Methods to unlock Recipes:
      • Nook Miles
      • Villagers can reward you with them somehow (it is mentioned that they may give you a recipe if you gift them an item)
      • Finding certain things (after digging up a Manila clam, it states it can be used for fishing bait, and that they just thought of a new DIY Recipe)


  • Not yet shown, although obviously will show the map in greater detail.

Call Islander:

  • Calls another player that has already made a character in this town to play (Local Coop)
  • Up to 3 players can be invited this way for a maximum of 4p local coop on the same system
  • One character is set as the main player, indicated by the flag over their head. Initially it is the player who used to app to invite someone, but can be switched at any time (easy switching between characters)
  • All characters in local coop must stay within the same field of view. If the main player moves such that another player is moved off screen, that player will *poof* back next to the main player

Unlockable Apps:

Design:(unofficial name)

  • Presumably for making custom designs