Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

As with all previous Animal Crossing titles, there will be 4 seasons.


  • Non-fruit trees are shown to have pink leaves. This is presumably only over a short period in April like it is in New Leaf


  • The ground is the same shade of green as the screenshots of spring


  • The tree leaves are reddish orange
  • There is a slight effect of leaves falling
  • A mushroom most resembling the mushroom from the original Animal Crossing is shown growing near a fully grown tree (not a stump)


  • Snow is on the trees and ground
  • Snowballs are shown


  • All seasons appear to have a different look for weeds and foliage on the ground
  • Each season has resources for crafting that are only available in that season. It is unclear what these will be, aside from mushrooms during the fall
  • Villagers are wearing warmer clothing in the Spring, Fall, and Winter. Notably the sheep villager Eunice is shown wearing a sweater, when sheep previously only wore scarves
  • You can now select between Northern and Southern Hemisphere mode to invert the seasons.