Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

Time Travel someones gonna do it, we all know that. Nothing wrong with a couple of time jumps, but how do you do it some may ask?

Well, I'm here to answer that question!

Firstly go into your Nintendo Switch settings and scroll down to System, from there you'll see a Date and time option, hit that bad boy. Unselect the Synchronise Clock via Internet option and change that time and date to the very next day.

After you've changed your date, open up AC: NH and load in, it'll be a brand new day! I recommend saving your game and logging right back out, head back into your system settings and select that Synchronise Clock via Internet option again. Because if you don't YOU WILL NOT be able to participate in any time-based events like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter etc. as Nintendo has set up their events to be internet time-based.

Hope this guide has helped some of our cheeky time travellers out there, happy Animal Crossing adventures!