Unlockable Buildings

Just like previous titles, there will be various buildings to unlock for construction within your town. Unlike in New Leaf, these will be directly in your town rather than most being in a separate area (Main Street). The only buildings your town starts with is the airport.

Buildings that have been mentioned but not shown so far:

  • Convenience Store (and presumably other Nook shop versions)
  • A Residential Center (run by Isabelle, who will manage Residential Services)
  • Reset Center: Will NOT be in the game due to the auto-save feature. Resetti will serve some other function not yet stated.

Currently absent and unmentioned core structures:

  • Post Office
  • Able Sisters
  • Museum
  • Police Station
  • Kicks
  • Gardening Store
  • Shampoodle (it was stated that hairstyles can be selected at any time, so presumably Shampoodle will offer some more advanced haircare services such as hair dying, premium hairdos, and wig sales)
  • Brewster's Cafe
  • Gracie Grace
  • Dream Suite
  • Fortune Telling Shop
  • Club LOL (or similar structure like the Marquee for Dr Shrunk)
  • Nook's Homes (presumably will be converted into a Happy Home Academy + House Exterior Customization store run only by Lyle / Lottie as they were working at Nook's Homes in ACNL and Nook is now has a new job)
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